Paul C. Lessard, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Lessard has over 25 years’ experience in the mining industry and consulting industries.  He services as Vice President of Technological Solutions at Tons Per Hour, Inc.  Previously, he served as Director of Product Development Services at Graniterock (Watsonville, California) and developed many unique technologies and applications for byproduct tailings from the Wilson Quarry. He was extensively involved in mine operations, tailings dewatering, and concrete ready mix operations.  Some of his many products include granite dust chemical activation into reactive cement replacement (US Patent 6,630,022), high filter cake content precast concrete pavers and masonry units, and fast setting fly ash concrete.  Prior to joining Graniterock, he spent 10 years working as an Environmental Toxicologist for several companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He received his Ph.D., Physical Chemistry from the University of California, Davis, 1990 and B.S. in Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry in 1986.


Fernando Romero-Lage

Principal and Director of Operations

- 23-year experience in the mineral processing industry, with 15+ years of mining process efficiency and optimization.
- Designed and sold basic engineering of over 300 mining and aggregates dry plants.
- Developed and sold detailed engineering for over 60 dry mining processes in iron, copper, gold and and other metals and industrial minerals.
- Developed and sold detailed engineering for slag circuits in copper and iron
- Vast knowledge of geology, geophysics and metallurgy
- Excellent interpersonal, communication and relationship-building skills. Persuasive communicator
- Skilled at Engineering and all Management levels
- Author of Mineral Processing Software and several industry papers and conferences.

Conducted contract negotiations worldwide (5 continents) from USD$100 million to USD$3.5 Billion.  Sold major mining projects in the Iron, Copper, Gold and multimetallic industries in 67 countries, including some of the largest mines and quarries in the world. Reference list is available upon request.


John B. Googins


John possess a strong background in applications engineering complemented by experience in manufacturing management, quality management and engineering. Using a well developed consultative approach, John is skilled at understanding clients needs and providing the right solution, closing multi-million dollar sales in the process.

•Creating and conducting effective sales and customer service training programs
•Making effective sales presentations that consistently win new business
•Developing and launching innovative new products
•Helping in-house and dealers’ sales teams attain peak sales
•Maximizing manufacturing productivity, efficiency and profitability

Considered a technical and applications engineering authority, John has made many technical and sales presentations worldwide to groups of up to several hundred. BA in Physics, BA in Mathematics, Winona State College. Lists of speeches, publications and many additional technical and management courses are available if needed.

Specialties: Sales / Sales Support / Customer Service / Training / Product Development / Performance Improvement / Project Management / Production Management / Quality



Dr. Karl Magnus Evertsson, PhD

AIMP Principal and Curriculum Director



Dr. Luis Fueyo, PG, MS

Director of Operations, Europe

Dr. Luis Fueyo is graduate in Geology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Complutense University), Spain, holds a doctorate from the Escuela Superior de Minas de Madrid (Higher Technical School of Mine Engineering), Spain, and is graduate in Gemology from the Instituto Gemológico Español (Spanish Gemological Institute) in coloured stones grading specialty. He has been working as an independent mining consultant for many years now, carrying out works of appraisal, assessment, viability studies and mining sites homologations, in addition to performing a variety of tasks in natural and recycled aggregates as well as landfill sector.

He is the author of four books, co-author of another four books and he has also written hundreds of published articles in Spanish, Italian, American, Argentinean, Peruvian, etc., technical magazines, as well as having presented several papers in national and international conferences. As an adviser for mining companies, he has organized and conducted courses at the Geologists Official Association of Spain, at which he has been a Governing Body member during three years, and also of the Faculty of Geosciences of Madrid and the Higher Technical School of Mine Engineering of Madrid, among other organizations and teaching and research centers.

He works as a consultant for the National Association of Public Works, Construction and Mining Machinery Dealers and Importers (ANDICOP). From its outset, he organizes and promotes the International Demolition and Recycling Exhibition (FIDER) and, currently, he runs a prestigious publishing house responsible for the publication of magazines and technical books of the mining, earth moving, demolition, recycling, aggregates and environment sector.


Over 200 years combined experience